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Agriculture is our only business. Our experience, expertise and commitment to dealing with ag issues and problems began almost 20 years ago and is our primary focus yet today.

DOC’S Products was founded by a large animal dairy veterinarian-hence the name, DOC’S. It all began with a concept to develop a more efficient method for pre-milking udder prep. Working together with university dairy experts, “Doc” pioneered, tested and refined a method of waterless pre-milking cleaning and stimulation which became known as “One Step Prep” or the “Minnesota Method”.

This concept was proven to reduce the spread of bacteria among cows, increase milk production and facilitate faster, more complete milk letdown.

There were two critical parts of this method:

  1. It must improve udder health without increasing milking routine time.
  2. Gloves must be used by milkers to achieve teat dip contact time, improve stimulation and to prevent bacteria transfer.

Today, DOC’S Products is privileged and proud to have become a major provider of all types of gloves to the dairy industry. We are gratified that our distributor partners agree: DOC’S gloves are available through virtually every dairy equipment company, select breeders, select farm stores and service/supply specialists.

Together with our manufacturing partners, we now have gloves for virtually any ag application. We offer gloves for breeding, for work, for protection from punctures or for protection from hot and cold environments. Some styles are custom manufactured for our distributors to their specifications-but these distributors can also supply DOC’S gloves and a wide range of other gloves.

DOC’S Products does not sell direct to farms, so please contact us to help put you in contact with the most appropriate company to supply your glove needs. You may also use the convenient tab, “Where to buy” to locate the closest distributor.

We challenge ourselves every day to keep up with industry trends and all of the issues facing dairy producers today-gloves especially, but not exclusively.

We invite you to challenge us, as well.

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